I have many types of Astrology Charts to choose from and several styles of Readings.  Sessions can be performed in-person or remotely via phone or video chat. Clients are encouraged to ask questions during our session. I use both Astrology and my Intuitive abilities in all my sessions.

  • 45-Min Reading (*Basic Session*) – This Reading is good for focusing on 1-3 subjects (like love, career, finances, family, health, etc.) or as a follow-up session. $150.00
  • 90-Min Reading (*MOST POPULAR*) – This is perfect for a first-time session, review of your “Soul’s Blueprint” and current astrological trends (transits), multiple topics, and/or if you have some really complex things occurring in your life. $250.00
  • 120-Hr Comprehensive Life Path Reading (*Best Value*) – We will go over past, present, future and life patterns (reviewing your “Soul’s Blueprint”). Focusing on many areas of life….a deep-dive into you! You’ll receive your Natal Birth Chart report via email (sold separately – $39.99 value) which is 30-40 page, typed report for you to reference. $299.00
  • Relationship/Friendship Reading (*Couples Reading*) –  This is where I match two people’s charts to give you and your partner an overview of the relationship. We will  discuss the strengths & weaknesses of the relationship, as well as karmic patterns. This Reading includes a synastry report via email, which is approximate 20-30 pages (sold separately – $39.99 value). 90-Minutes $325.00
  • Child-Star Reading – This Reading is geared for a child or “tween”.  It comes with a full natal chart (typically 30-40 pages) plus either a half hour ($99) or 1-hour Reading ($199).  The parent or guardian is welcome to stay, or experience the Reading on the child’s behalf depending on the child’s age; which can be arranged on a case by case basis.
  • Life Saver Reading!   (*For Existing Clients Only That Had a Session With Me in the Last 90 Days!*) This is ideal for folks that just need a quick check-in. Especially good for clients struggling with complex issues such as divorce or separation, business deals, meeting a new romantic interest etc. 15 Minutes: $60.00 

I have four types of astrological reports (without the reading) that I can provide. All reports are emailed:

  • Natal Birth Chart: This is a great overview & interpretation of where the planets were at this time of your birth. Shows life patterns, possible occupations, how you handle relationships, etc. Approximately 30-45 typed pages. $39.99
  • Time-line Transit Report: What’s going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month? This tells you day-by-day, what upcoming planetary transits are occurring for you personally based on your unique birth information! 1-month report $9.99, 3-month report $19.99, and 6-month report $34.99.
  • Relationship Compatibility Report: Based on the birth dates & birth times of two people called a Synastry report. This matches the two charts and tells you what strengths or challenges that you will have. I can do this for any type of relationship like love, friendship, familial, etc. Approximately 20-30 typed pages. $34.99.
  • Child Star Chart:  This is basically the same as a natal birth chart only geared for a child or “tween” and the parent or guardian that is raising them!  It is a wonderful tool for how to guide your child in certain areas of life. 30-40 pages. $39.99

For readings or reports, I need your birth date, birth time, & city/state you were born. The more accurate the birth time (preferably from your birth certificate), the better! If you don’t have a birth time available, I can still do a Reading. I use my intuition & psychic abilities in all of my sessions, so that sessions are not based solely off of Astrological factors.

I am based in the Burlington, Vermont area. If you are out of the area or are unable to travel, I am able to do Readings over the phone (and can email/mail you the chart) or I am available via video chat!

Due to Covid-19, in-person (only) sessions are being suspended until further notice. This is not a decision made lightly. However as a healer & light worker, I feel it’s best for folks (& myself) to embrace safe practices during this time, which includes social distancing. My office is shared with 3 other practitioners and gets frequent foot traffic. I have 16+ years experience doing all of my services remotely and there’s a variety of digital platforms to choose & ways to connect. We can review which works best for you during scheduling! I look forward to hearing from you and please stay safe everyone! XO 

I do Readings for people all over the United States, Canada & around the world!!

I’m also available for events, small groups or parties… please email or call me for prices!

References are available upon request.


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