I have many types of Astrology Charts to choose from and several styles of Readings.  Sessions can be performed in-person or remotely. Clients are encouraged to ask questions during our session. I use both Astrology and my Intuitive abilities in all my sessions.

  • 30-Min Reading – This Reading is good for focusing on a 1-2 subjects (like love, career, finances, family, health, etc) or as a follow-up session. $62.50
  • 60-Min Reading – This Reading is good for focusing on a multiple subjects or as a general overview as to what transits are coming up. $125.00
  • 90-Min Reading (*MOST POPULAR!*) – This is perfect for a first-time session or if you have some really complex things occurring in your life. $187.50
  • Comprehensive Life Path Reading. It takes me around 10 hours to prepare, then I do a reading where I discuss my findings which is usually about 2 hours long. We will go over past, present, future and life patterns. I can also focus on a particular area too. I will give you a 30-40 page, typed report for you to reference. $250.00
  • Relationship/Friendship Reading. This is where I match two people’s charts to give you an overview of the relationships and discuss the strength & weaknesses. This Reading includes a synastry report. $150.00 per hour.
  • Child-Star Reading.  This Reading is geared for a child or “tween”.  It comes with a full natal chart (typically 30-40 pages) plus either a half hour ($70) or 1-hour Reading ($100).  The parent or guardian is welcome to stay, or experience the Reading on the child’s behalf depending on the child’s age; it can be arranged on a case by case basis.

I have four types of charts (without the reading) that I can provide:

  • Time-line report: This tells you day-by-day, what planetary transits are occurring for you personally. It is similar to my Blog, except this is how the planets are affecting you personally based on your birth time & date. I have a one month report $9.99, a three month report $19.99, and a six month report $34.99.
  • Relationship compatibility: Based on the birth dates & times of two people, I can provide you with a Synastry report. This matches the two charts and tells you what strengths and weakness you will have. I can do this for any type of relationship either love, friendship, familial, etc. This is available for $29.99.
  • Natal Birth Chart: This is a great overview & interpretation of where the planets were at this time of your birth. Shows life patterns, possible occupations, how you handle relationships, etc. 30-40 pages (approx) $39.99
  • Child Star Chart:  This is basically the same as a natal birth chart only geared for a child or “tween” and the parent or guardian that is raising them!  It is a wonderful tool for how to guide you child in certain areas of life.  30-40 pages (aprox) $39.99

For readings, I need your birth date, birth time, and city/state you were born. The more accurate the birth time, the better! If you don’t have a birth time available, I can still do a Reading (with the exception of a Life Path Reading). I also use my intuition in all of my sessions, so that sessions are not based solely off of Astrological factors.

I am based in the Burlington Vermont area. If you are out of the area or are unable to travel, I am able to do Readings over the phone (and can email/mail you the chart) or I am available on Skype….I do Readings across the country and internationally!!

I am also available for events, small groups or parties… please email or call me for prices!

References are available upon request.