The body wants to heal itself!  Reiki promotes overall balance to help you feel better and function better.  Most people find this type of energy work extremely relaxing and restorative.  This non-invasive practice is safe, calming, and supports any medical treatment or drugs prescribed by your doctor.  In fact, many hospitals are starting to have Reiki practitioners providing services for their patients just coming out of surgery, after receiving chemotherapy, or in the ER.  Overall, your body functions best when it is in a state of balance! I also offer Reiki classes if you have ever wanted to learn how to perform self-Reiki, Reiki on a friend or family member, or even start your own Reiki practice!

I am a certified Reiki Master trained in both traditional Usui (Japanese) & Seichim (Egyptian based) Reiki.

The body can heal itself. Spontaneous healing is not a miracle but a fact of biology–the result of the natural healing system that each one of us is born with.” ~Dr. Andrew Weil MD from Spontaneous Healing

Rates are $35 per 1/2 hour & $70-hr.  These sessions are held in a private, clean, comfortable, and relaxed setting.

Distant Reiki Sessions are $25 per ½ hr & $45-hr.  I perform a Reiki Session at a distance, energetically with a client at an agreed upon time and I do this while I am in a meditative state.  This type of energy work is a wonderful and supportive thing to do while someone is having surgery, chemotherapy, dialysis, etc. or otherwise can’t be present in-person.  People who are sensitive to energy often report a warm or peaceful sensation while the Reiki is being sent.  (Even though Reiki is very positive and comes from pure love, ethically I will not do this type of work without someone’s permission).

Animal Reiki Sessions are $15 per ½ hr & $30 hr.  Animals need balance too!  Some animals are receptive to “hands on” Reiki, while others are not.  Often with animals, I do a shorter “hands-on” session combined with a Distant Reiki session.  I can discuss the needs of your pet and determine what would be best…I am flexible!  I previously worked in the veterinary field both as a technician & hospital manager for 14years.


Did you ever feel like the energy in your home is stagnant? I have had an interest in energetic-space clearing of homes and businesses (and have been performing Space Clearings for some time now). I have also been studying Feng Shui for the last several years plus I am a Reiki Master and an Interfaith Ordained Minister.  I will come to your home or business and perform a ritual/blessing to clear away any stagnant or negative energy. I try to schedule it during a time that is in alignment with beneficial planetary aspects/lunar phases.

My rate is $150 per hour (the time depends on the size of the structure). There may be an additional fee outside of Chittenden County, VT for travel time depending on your location.