Astro-Update: Sun in Cancer, Summer Solstice! Week of 6/21/09


I hope this week’s Blog entry finds you well! We start the week with the Sun moving into the emotional sign of Cancer; this also marks the Summer Solstice on Sunday. Then on Monday the New Moon will occur in the sign of Cancer. Mars and Venus will be the other major planetary players in the beginning of the week. They will form a conjunction on Sunday and then they will positively trine Saturn on Monday. Watch out for power struggles on Tues when the Sun opposes Pluto. We may feel inhibited on Friday when Mercury squares Saturn. Happy Birthday Cancers!

I wanted to add a footnote to my entries. I include the time that a transit will be exact so that you can see when it waxes and then when it starts to wane. However, the effects are often felt sometimes even as long as a day or two. The energy is usually felt more strongly during the time leading up to the height and then it slowly starts to dissipate after. Keep in mind that Moon transits tend to last a shorter period of time than planetary transits.

(Sunday 6/21/09)- Happy Fathers Day, Summer Solstice, and Happy Birthday Cancers!! We start the day with the Sun transitioning into the sensitive sign of Cancer (exact at 1:45am EST). This is also the Summer Solstice and it is the longest day of the year! It will be hard for you to work today…’s nature’s way of saying, “get outside”! Attached is a Web Site that has GREAT information on the Solstice’s significance. Please read:

Words and phrases to describe Cancer (the Crab) are: “I Feel!”, Cardinal/Water, sensitive, emotional, holds grudges, moody, intuitive, “chicken soup”, caring, tenacious, family, defensive, nurturing, conservative, frugal, empathic, maternal/mothering, cooking & complex. It is associated with the stomach, breasts, elbow joints, and pancreas. Its metal association is Silver. Stones: Pearl, Opal, Emerald, Moonstone, and Ruby.

Since Cancerian energy is going to be prominent over the next few days (and it’s the Solstice), it is a good time to take a walk down memory lane (Cancers love to reminisce about the old days). Unfortunately, this also means that they can really hold onto a grudge, so try to let go of unhealthy patterns (keep it positive). Maybe reorganize family photos and certainly take time to honor/remember our fathers and grandfathers. Cancer also rules the stomach area. It would be a good time to eat fish, violet colored foods like grapes, and greens. Try to avoid yeast (like breads and sorry, beer). Cancers usually love to cook (and eat) so go a head and have that BBQ! Herbs/flowers/scents that are favored are jasmine, magnolia, chamomile, lemon, rose, and carnation. Lastly, take time to honor nature and its cycles by getting outside or bring in some fresh cut flowers to honor the Solstice!

Overnight, the Moon will conjunct Mercury both in Gemini (exact at 2:52am EST) assisting with communication, short distance travel and feeling supported by others. Friends and siblings may be on our mind. We will “feel” that one late on Sat night into early Sunday. In the morning, the passionate conjunction between Venus and Mars both in Taurus will occur (exact at 9:09am EST). Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. Wow, Venus the sign of love meets up with the planet Mars that influences physicality and sexuality! Needless to say we may be feeling friskier around this time! We will enjoy being social, so get out and enjoy the day! We will want to act on our feelings around this time. I always advise doing some sort of physical activity whenever Mars is involved because Mars’ energy will want to get out one way or another. This is also a good time to look within and find your “hearts desire” whether that be a person, vocation, hobby or otherwise. This transit will be active for most of the weekend into Monday. It will be highlighted again when the Sun forms semisquares with both Mars (exact at 5:29am EST) and Venus (exact at 5:24pm EST).

Lastly, the Moon in Gemini will make an annoying square with Saturn in Virgo (exact at 2:52pm EST). Luckily the duration of this event is short. Sometimes this can give us a feeling of loneliness or isolation. We may feel passed over or possibly not getting the recognition that we deserve. It is better to work on organization around this time.

(Monday 6/22/09 )- The Venus/Mars in Taurus conjunction will form a flowing trine with Saturn in Virgo (exact at Venus 2:30am & Mars 10:44am EST). Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. Discipline and organization are required on all levels. These transits will be permeated by seriousness. This probably won’t be a time of busy social activities. But the invites that you do get, will most likely be from your oldest and dearest friends. If you are willing to put in the hard work around this time, you have the will to accomplish a lot! Any delays that are experienced will be for the better (but you might not feel that way at the time). This is an auspicious time for finances, business endeavors, strategizing, etc. This may be a good time to sit down with the boss (or with someone with authority over you) to hammer out long-term goals. They will appreciate your proactive attitude, which may benefit you financially. Just avoid confrontation with them at this time, since we may be more inclined to fight for what we believe is right. This will also be a beneficial day to garden or do yard work.

Although that will be the predominant transit today, there will also be 5 Moon transits. In the morning (between 7am-8:20am EST) the Moon will form a beautiful trine with our super triple conjunction (Chiron, Neptune, & Jupiter. This will stir-up some of the good feelings that we experienced yesterday. This is a good time to focus on manifesting abundance, spirituality, intuition, and healing. This will be the beginning (starting at 8:20am) of a long void of course cycle that will last until 1:12pm EST when the Moon transitions into sensitive Cancer. When the Moon makes no major planetary aspects to another planet, before it switches into the next sign, is call “void of course”. It is best to not do anything new during these times because it has a decreased chance of working or will have delays. Good Cancer Moon activities are: anything to do with home and family, cooking, maternal/mothering, being emotional, crafts, sensitivity, empathy, finances, savings, and care-taking. Things to avoid are: holding grudges, feeling slighted (possibly with little or no cause), over sensitivity, emotional eating, stubbornness, and being grumpy. All of these themes will be highlighted over the next 2 ½ days…. The height of the New Moon in Cancer will be exact at 3:35pm EST. New Moons are considered to be a favorable time to start new projects. This is a good time to write down your monthly goals as well.

Lastly, the Moon will form its monthly opposition to Pluto (R) in Capricorn (exact at 4:22pm EST). This can signify a (short) period of intensity. Someone could challenge you in an area where you are sensitive. Another possibility is that you may spend too much time analyzing instead of acting. Avoid underhanded tactics because someone will be more apt to notice. This will highlight the Sun/Pluto conjunction that will occur tomorrow….

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Overnight, the Sun in Cancer will oppose tranformative Pluto (R) in Capricorn (exact at 3:41am EST). Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. I am glad that we just had two days of fairly positive transits, which may have negated some of the effects of this transit. Power, power, power…did I say power? This one will draw power struggles to us like a magnet. If someone wants to fight, don’t bite…just walk away. They can’t fight with themselves! I would avoid heavy discussions, confrontations, especially if you know things could get heated. During this transit it is possible we will hear a lot about violence on the news (possibly related to nuclear topics). It may be hard to balance family and work obligations. There may be a boss (or someone in authority) that is making things difficult right now. On the up side, this transit could cause heightened passion.

In the afternoon, the Moon in Cancer will make a positive sextile with Saturn in Virgo (exact at 2:43pm EST). This is a great time for organization, house cleaning, filing, recycling, and being disciplined. Sometimes others will ask for help around this transit, but it won’t be burdensome, we will be happy to help! Once again the Venus/Mars conjunction will be highlighted, this time by the Moon. The Moon will form a positive sextile with Venus in Taurus (exact at 4:00pm EST). It is likely that we could receive compliments on how we look or dress. It will be easy to interact with others. This transit is positive for relationships, love and finances. Later, the Moon will form a positive sextile with Mars in Taurus (exact at 5:15pm EST). As with all Mars transits, I recommend doing something physical or exercising around this time. Sexuality can be enhanced around this transit. Our feelings will be in alignment with how we act.

Lastly, Mars in Taurus will form an uncomfortable sesquisquare with Pluto (R) in Capricorn (exact at 5:38pm EST). Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. This one could bring about lots of physical energy. As with all Mars transits, I recommend doing something physical or exercising around this time (Mars creates energy and it would be best to channel it into positive pursuits). Sexuality can be enhanced around this transit. So what happens when the God of War forms an uncomfortable liaison with the Lord of the Underworld? Don’t push others around this time! It is best to strategize. Actions now will have results (good or bad). Try to keep today positive….just remember that Pluto is the great transformer.

Wednesday (6/24/09)- The Moon in Cancer will form an annoying quincunx with Neptune in Aquarius (exact at 6:55am EST). Neptune’s influence can cause us to be fuzzy and idealistic. It is therefore, not an ideal time to make bold moves and big decisions. It is possible that we may have trouble accessing our intuition around this time. The Moon will form a flowing trine with Uranus in Pisces (exact at 7:24am EST) helping to get out of our “box”, even though it may be in a somewhat unconventional manner. Technology, electricity, New Aged ideologies, energetic healing (holistic healing), and uniqueness are favored around this transit. This will start a void-of-course cycle that will last until the Moon transitions into the sign of proud Leo (exact at 12:50pm). Good activities to do when the Moon is in Leo are: anything to do with performing or theater, seeing a show, dressing up & looking nice, managing, feeling proud, entrepreneurial endeavors, gambling, playing games, routing for the underdog and taking care of children. Things to avoid are being too bossy, acting egotistical, and going over the top. All of these themes will be highlighted over the next 2 ½ days….

Lastly, the Moon will highlight our Pluto transits again, this time it is when the Moon will make an annoying quincunx with powerful Pluto (R) in Capricorn (exact at 3:57pm EST). Certainly this can bring up jealousy issues, power struggles, hidden fears, and obsessions. This transit could cause frustrations on blending work and family time.

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In the early afternoon, the Moon in Leo will form a positive sextile to Mercury in Gemini (exact at 1:25pm EST). This will make us want to reach out to friends and family to chat. This transit helps with the flow of communication. Later the Moon will highlight the Venus/Mars conjunction again, only this time in an uncomfortable square. The Moon will form an uncomfortable square with Mars in Taurus (exact at 6:41pm). As with all Mars transits, I recommend doing something physical or exercising around this time (gardening, housework, working on the car, etc. all count!). Sexuality can be enhanced around this transit. Did you ever have a moment where circumstances seem like they are conspiring against you? Often, this transit results in a culmination of things that can be annoying. Sometimes small irritations or quarrels can result. Lastly, the Moon will square Venus in Taurus (exact at 9:13pm EST). Although we will have a drive to be with others around this time, it would be best to avoid heavy conversations (especially pertaining to love interests). Sometimes the object of our affections is just out of reach (or otherwise detained) around this transit. The is not a good time to go shopping or work on beautification because what we think looks good now may seem like a bad idea at a later time.

Friday (6/26/09)- We start the day with Mercury in Gemini forming an uncomfortable square with Saturn in Virgo (exact at 4:32am EST). Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. This will not be a good day for communication or travel. There may be delays or obstacles with both. It is possible to experience solidarity. Stick with the facts if you need to communicate. Don’t try to tackle too many things around this transit. A slow and steady approach is called for. Focus on one thing at a time, otherwise there is a good chance mistakes will be made or it will need to be done over anyway. It may be possible that we are slower than normal in learning something (people with learning disabilities may have trouble around this time).

In the morning, the Moon in Leo will form its monthly opposition with Neptune in Aquarius (exact at 7:34am EST) causing our imagination/creativity to soar. I wouldn’t make a big decision around this time. Especially since this will also enhance escapism (people with drug or alcohol issues will have trouble around this transit) and idealism. Just after, another small bump in the road will be when the Moon forms an annoying quincunx with Uranus in Pisces (exact at 8:08am EST). This is a time where someone around you may challenge tradition. You may also want to buck the system. An expected event or surprise could catch you off-guard. Just after, the Moon makes a stressful opposition with Jupiter (R) in Aquarius (exact at 8:28am EST). Sometimes this can zap our self-confidence. Conversely, we could also feel a little too confident and over state our abilities (possibly over promising). Just remember you won’t always feel this way and there are only so many hours in a day….it is OK to say no! This will start a long void-of-course Moon cycle that will last until 1:46pm EST when the Moon shifts into detail oriented Virgo. Words and phrases to describe Virgo are: “I Analyze!”, Mutable/Earth, detail oriented, perfection, service, criticism, conscientious, health, intelligent, analytical, worry, improvement to others lives, and practical. It is associated with the abdominal area, gastrointestinal system (large and small intestines), spleen, solar plexus, and lower lobes of the liver. All of these themes will be prominent in the next 2 &1/2 days….

Later, the Moon in Virgo will form a flowing trine to Pluto (R) in Capricorn (exact at 4:57pm EST). This will greatly assist us in processing our emotions and is beneficial for all types of counseling & cathartic experiences. It will be hard to be superficial around this time. Both Virgo & Capricorn are earth signs, so this is a good time for gardening or connecting with nature. Lastly, the Moon will make a positive sextile to the Sun in Cancer (exact at 11:13pm EST). This evening will be an ideal time to be with friends. This transit is conducive for feeling supported. Plus, it is Friday night, go out and have fun!

Sat (6/26/09)- In the late afternoon, the Moon will conjunct Saturn both in Virgo (exact at 5:33pm EST). Too bad this transit isn’t taking place on a work day! This is an all work no play transit. Best to concentrate on: work, organization, gardening/planting (connecting with nature in general especially soil, woods, & forest), and details. This would also be an ideal time to start a new health or exercise regime. Sometimes this can give us a feeling of loneliness or isolation (or even the blues). Later, the Moon will form an uncomfortable square with Mercury in Gemini (exact at 10:33pm EST) possibly causing miscommunications. You may find that you are not be able to express yourself as easily or someone may cut you off from saying something. Lastly, just before midnight, the Moon in Virgo will form a flowing trine with Mars in Taurus (exact at 11:56pm EST). Our actions will be in harmony with how we feel. We may crave action around this time or have more energy. People will fight for what they believe is right.

The above transits are often felt collectively but you would need to know where within your chart that they would fall. As always, I am available for a professional astrological reading. I now have a variety of charts to choose from (relationship, life path, time-line, etc). I can do readings in-person or over the phone. Or if you’re not into having a reading I can just supply a chart. Please feel free to contact me for more information! Have a great week! Bye for now……

Peace & Light,

Gretchen A. Hidell, Astrologer

Intuitive Counselor/Gem/Crystal Work


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